There are many ways to work with me to fit any budget!
I'm here to assist you in your healing. 
If it were not for the many people that went before me & helped me along the way I would have never figured it out. 
And I certainly would have never made it this far. 
For you if you desire to dive in deep to your specific needs, be held inside a tight container where I'm holding the light up to your unseen shadows for a period of 2 to 6 months.
This is the fastest way to transform.
To book an appointment to inquire about whether we are a fit to work together Click the link!
This is a LIVE taught course! Where breakthroughs and magic happen! If you've been praying for answers on how to get out of a rut and manifest your dreams then this is the course for you. 
The most amazing DIGITAL course on freeing the empath from the narcissist. This is also THE course for the Twin Flame to heal. You sign up & get access immediately!
There's a way in which you set intentions that get you maximum results. We teach that inside this class. Setting a shiny clear intention is the fastest way to your desired destination especially when you incorporate the shadow work as well. 
My very first course created for twin flames to heal from their dynamic into wholeness and self love.
Your Shadows weigh you, Hold the Light from you, Blind you from seeing. They are the parts that long to be integrated, accepted, loved & then transformed. Shadow Series is a 3 part video series that has been pre recorded to teach
you how to identify shadows & alchemize them to Light