This is a course to open you up to more 
Abundance & a new relationship 
with your money.
Are you ready?

Say it along with me...I AM Open for Miracles!

I don’t know about you, but I was seeking for years how to get out of my pain 
when it came to abundance…most specifically money.

I grew up with a lot of pain around money.

Actually I grew up with a lot of pain around not understanding why my 
parents didn’t get along & associating their pain & struggle to money.

It wasn’t. They were two kids trying to figure out love & life & they had a rocky start.

But when you’re a kid you don’t understand so I thought it was money’s fault 
& I made a vow to have lots of it so I wouldn’t have that same pain.

That’s how many of us think. We have pain & struggle & associate it to the wrong thing.

But that pain & struggle leads us on a healing journey back home to ourselves.

And what we find on that journey is how incredibly abundant we truly are!

Let me ask you...

  • Do you feel anxiety around paying your bills each month?
  • Are you paralyzed by fear of not having enough money?
  • Do you get embarrassed because you don’t want people to know just how bad it is?
  • ​Do you feel like it’s impossible for you to have money or to manifest it?
  • ​Do you put off making important decisions because the money just isn’t there?
  • ​Do you judge yourself? I should be further along by now?
  • ​Are you discouraged & judging your debt?
  • ​Are you frustrated with your struggle around money?
  • ​Are you tired of having more month than money?

Yeah I could go on & on with questions.

I’ve literally had them all.

My money story has been horrific.
The struggle has left me in a fetal position on the floor in so much fear, stress, panic & struggle.

But I finally shifted.

I literally went through a phase where I didn’t think it was possible.
I was just like “it’s always going to be this way”
Well I’m here to tell you it’s not! 
And I’m also here to tell you that who better to help you than someone whose 
money journey started out as a shit show & then started to turn it all around.

I want to lead you on a 21 day intensive Abundance Journey called Open for Miracles.
Are you ready to go?
More importantly are you willing?

If you're willing keep reading...

I'll tell you a little about what we're gonna do on this journey.

Open for Miracles is a unique journey.

You’ll need to hang on to your hats! We’re gonna go fast which opens you up to receive all sorts of crazy amazing miracles!

Here’s how it will run…
Every day for 21 days you’ll receive a prepared abundance message. You’ll ponder, mediate, feel, & sometimes journal on the daily message.

This message is meant to open & activate parts of you that are dormant in your system causing money blocks, & pushing you to look deeper. You’ll begin to believe in miracles & expect miracles & you’ll see them happening in your life.

Others will share their miracles & you’ll believe even deeper. It will be a collective co-creation that will skyrocket your results in attracting the abundance you desire!

My bestie & I did this together…Within the first week we attracted over $7,100 totally randomly! We were like Whoa!

This magic is real & it’s potent!

If you opt in for the Gold or Platinum levels you’ll also receive 3 group calls, where I’ll dive deeper into helping you understand the energy of money & shifting into higher vibrations with it.

The platinum level includes a money activation call with me!

I’m so excited about this journey! I know you’ll experience breakthroughs, shifts & awarenesses to create lasting change in your money story.

You ready!

Facebook Group Open Feb 25th! 
& We start March 1st!

To jump in click your option below!

  • 21 Day Course to Activate Abundance
  • Dedicated Facebook Group
  • Dedicated Prayer for Your abundance
  • ​Dedicated Meditation for Your abundance
  • One 1 on 1 Call to Clear Specific Money Blocks
  • 3 Group Coaching Calls Via Zoom
  • 21 Day Course to Activate Abundance
  • ​Dedicated Facebook Group
  • ​Dedicated Prayer for Your Abundance
  • ​Dedicated Meditation for Your Abundance
  • 3 Group Coaching Calls Via Zoom
  • 21 Day Course to Activate Abundance
  • Dedicated Facebook Group
  • ​Dedicated Prayer for Your Abundance
  • ​Dedicated Meditation for Your Abundance

"Leave your life open for miracles"

Hi I'm Jenn...
The journey I've been on with money has been nothing short of miraculous.  I've had an incredibly difficult & stressful journey
I love you so much & I'm so grateful you're here! I cry when I think about the work I get to do because I know how hard my journey has been & if I can help you make yours easier, that is what I live for! 
I was the woman too shy to say anything. I had no boundaries. I didn't believe people saw me. I had massive energetic blocks. I lived in constant frustration of the world around me not cooperating. I didn't understand why everyone else was doing so well meanwhile I felt like I was being left behind. 
I knew I was magical, but I couldn't seem to access it or use it. 
I was constantly afraid of money. 
I was in such lack & scarcity that my money was always running out & I felt sooooo unsupported in life.
I couldn't trust men, I couldn't trust God, I couldn't trust myself. 
My life was a hot mess & I had to turn it all around. 
I turned it around using the modalities I'm going to teach you in this program.
Now I'm so abundant, I feel so supported by God & others. 
I have an amazing tribe of powerful goddess women 
who speak LIFE into me on a daily basis. 
My frequency has come up so high & 
I feel like the most blessed amazing girl ever.

These are feelings I didn't know were possible for me.
You may look at me & think I've always had it all. 
No I haven't Life has been difficult & yet I continue to show up 
& be brave for all that life hands me.

Through out my journey I have found a deep sense of self love & worth. 
I was the most self critical person & held so much judgment.
Not any more! None of that is true for me.

I can confidently say I embody the Empowered Feminine. 
I've learned much on this journey. I've invested a lot into it & me. 
I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can lead you too. 

Thank you for trusting me & joining me & allowing me to help you. 
To pour into you beautiful sister.
I love you. I'm grateful for you. 
You deserve the world & I'm going to 
show you as best as I can how to get it.
xo Jenn 

Frequently asked Q's

  • I don't have a lot of time: Not having command of your time is a sign of shadow. As you learn to clear shadow you'll begin to own your time again no matter what your present situation is right now.
  • I can't afford it: This is also a sign of shadow. Is it that you really can't afford it? Like you have no availability on a card or cards. You don't have the cash. You can't do the payment plan & you just don't see a way? This is when you ask God & believe for it with all your heart. This will be the start of your alchemy, when you desire & know that you are called to this & God makes a way.
  • ​I can afford it but I'm scared. What if I take the leap & I don't change or I don't do the work, or it doesn't work for me. If you show up for the work, just being in the energy of the class & every one else working towards a common goal will help you shift. I'll teach you, I'll help you, but ultimately it is up to you to show up. How bad do you want your desires? If it's bad enough you'll take the leap.
  • ​Can Men take this? Yep, would be glad to have you.
  • ​Do you offer a refund? No because of the nature of the course & it's delivery I do not offer a refund
  • ​Do I always have access to course materials. Yes, the Facebook group will remain open & all calls are recorded