"Your new season doesn't happen to you, it happens through you." 
~Marshawn Evens Daniels

Who could you be, what could you become if only you were brave?

Unshakable You is an invitation to open to the flow of God through you to create something incredible with your life.

"This is about having the courage to live a soul led life!"

I want to share with you, I’ve gone down a road of becoming Brave myself this year.

Now this isn’t about not having fears, it’s about acknowledging them & moving forward anyway. It’s about not letting your fears dominate your life & keep you small. It’s about moving through your fears so that you can live the God given blessings that go along with dancing with your fears & knowing how powerful & strong you really are.

My biggest fears, struggles & triggers have been with money. The uncertainty & trauma I felt with it often times put me in a fetal position on the floor.

Worried, afraid, I needed control & I felt so out of control.

It was a very dark place & I struggled with this for many years.

I’ve lived with so much judgment of myself around this struggle. Why is this so hard for me, when it comes so easy to others? There must be something wrong with me. I felt so much shame for my experience with money & some of the financial situations I’d created.
This shame blocked me from having truly vulnerable & deep partnership with men as well. 

You see your fear in one area is often blocking your blessing in other areas of your life.
I basically lived my life living so small because I couldn’t trust God or myself when it came to my support so I had to make sure I was always “covered”,God forbid I run out of money.

It’s a really gross place to live from. Lack & scarcity is not a good vibe. Now I’ll say this…I love myself & I don’t shame myself for that time. They were part of my experience & growth.
Never the less it’s not attractive to be in that deep place of fear around something. To not be able to trust God with something so foundational.

 I worked hard not from passion & desire, but from fear. I was still always petrified that something would go wrong.

I had this deep belief that “It didn’t work for me”. It was a pattern I had to recognize & reframe & let me tell you it’s taken a lot to reframe that one.

Earlier in 2022 my soul & God said sit down & have faith that it’s all going to work. Trust you’re doing enough.It was the hardest thing I ever did. Often times we’ll be asked to do the opposite of what we think we should be doing to get a lesson & for God to prove a point to us.

I obeyed. I sat back. And I received.

There’s an amazing story about the first time the sound barrier was broken that ties so beautifully with what I’m sharing. Do you want to hear it? It’s pretty interesting.
The first man to ever attempt to break the speed of sound got to a certain point in the atmosphere. An experienced pilot, alone in his jet & all the sudden the jet begins to shake uncontrollably, it gets really hot in the cockpit. The pilot is freaking out. He’s terrified. Air traffic control is also terrified & instruct him to pull back, pull back!

The pilot obeys the command, pulls back & disintegrates into thin air.

The second man to ever attempt to break the sound barrier gets up to that place where the cockpit gets hot, the plane is shaking uncontrollably, no one knows what’s going to happen…Again air traffic control instructs to Pull back! Pull back. Pilot 2 pulls back & meets the same fate as pilot 1.

A third pilot decides he’s going to give it a shot. I can’t imagine how frightening that had to be. He gets up to that now familiar place in the atmosphere where the plane is shaking uncontrollably, it’s hot in the cockpit, air traffic control is yelling abort abort, but not this pilot. This pilot listened to his inner voice, that God guidance & intuition & instead pushed forward full throttle forcing the plane through the sound barrier!

On the other side was complete peace. Chuck Yeager goes down in history as the first to push through the sound barrier.

I call our moments where we are terrified & every thing in us wants to abort mission our sound barrier moments.

It’s the moments that don't make sense. The ones where we can't see HOW it's gonna work. We’re so afraid, but when we push through the sound barrier we experience complete peace on the other side.

You can't be blessed for the actions you're too scared to take.

This is what I experienced this year. I had to face my money trauma differently. What I was doing wasn’t working. 

I committed to transforming this.

When you have deeply held beliefs that form identities you’ve got to be willing to treat it like a full time job to shift it. This kind of stuff doesn’t shift by accident or by itself. 

It will only shift by intention.

It's deep within your nervous system, your subconscious mind & it will take your power & co creation with God to transform it.

I teach you how in Unshakable You.

In June was an especially trying time where I had to lean in. It was definitely a sound barrier moment for sure. I leaned fully in. I did not take my eye off my faith. I was committed to trusting. To transforming my beliefs around money.

I had a devastating blow to my business & I didn’t know how I’d ever get back up again. I wanted to quit, abort mission.

But something inside me, my soul, my desire, my calling, my knowing & my faith in God got me back up again.

I was becoming Unshakable.

This process is a somatic experience. It happens in the living of life. When you know how to shift, & get into the body & you know what tools to use then you can free yourself.

It’s not necessarily just in the journaling or meditation. Yes you can shift there too, but that’s kinda where it starts. When you have the real shifts is when the trigger happens & you use the tools to help you choose differently & take another path proving to yourself there is a different option & reality available to you.

This builds faith, confidence & courage to expand & quantum leap into more.

There’s a difference in your body when you’re fully trusting & fully in faith. You can’t fake this stuff. I decided what I was going to believe & I stayed with that belief even though every thing in me wanted to abort mission & settle.

I really wanted to stay in my my comfort zone.
But I pushed through my version of a sound barrier & the moment I did the outer world reflected all kinds of miracles & manifestations!

An incredible reflection to my work was a friend of mine sent me to his beach home for my birthday! I stayed in this incredible home for free when it would normally rent for about $15,000 per week. He paid my flight & all my expenses, and made sure the red carpet was rolled out for me my entire stay.

This was truly a gift. There was absolutely nothing expected in return for this. It was purely & truly a gift & I’d never received like that from a man.

It was exquisite & the most incredible offer. And I’ll be forever grateful for his generosity. Some of these pictures are of my stay there.

It was like God showed me in real life the peace on the other side of my fear. Because I had absolutely nothing to worry about that whole week!
I laid on the beach & I needed an umbrella & a kid drove by on a 4 wheeler & put an umbrella in the sand right there for me & he did it every day. It blew my mind.

I would have never had that gift had I not pushed through my sound barrier moment only a few days before.

This happens quick

But you’ve gotta be willing to do the inner work.

I have been so committed to doing the work.

And this is what makes me an incredible guide & coach.

Because I’ve had so much to over come myself & I show up for it.

I practice what I preach.
I’m in integrity with my path & what I call people to on theirs.

My heart is in the right place & I will support you on this journey with no judgment only love, guidance & support.

This builds incredible trust & love.

I know what it’s like to have a dysregulated nervous system. To collapse under my own fears. To have thoughts that are unsupportive & beliefs that keep me small.

I know what it’s like to not believe in myself. I know what it’s like to try to control things because I didn’t have enough faith in God.

And I know what it’s like to heal. To free the body & the nervous system from these programs implanted so long ago that aren’t even ours! I know what it’s like to reprogram the sub conscious mind. To heal deep generational wounds & patterns because I’ve had to show up for the healing myself.

I didn’t do it alone, there’s no way I could have.

I shutter to think of where I’d be had I not said yes to my healing & found a way to do what I needed to do to pay for it.

But I knew it was that important.

I knew my desires were important & that living according to my design was important.

And so is yours. Your desires, Your reason for being here, You & all you bring to this world matters. And if it’s hiding behind your fears, lack, & playing small then you’ve got to be willing to do the inner work to free yourself.

I’m here to help you with that.

When you invest in yourself there is an energetic exchange that happens. You take it seriously & you show up for the work. You go all in on you, your dreams, your desires. 
And I’m here as an advocate for YOU.

What do you want?

Lets go get it!

It’s starts with you saying yes.

I'm Ready, I'm saying yes to my transformation! 
Doors open January 2023!

What's Included

  • 5 One on One Calls: Private Coaching with Me
  • ​​5 Group Coaching Calls via Zoom
  • ​Content & Course Library for Transformation
  • ​Tools/Modalities to heal nervous system
  • ​Morning Guidance for an Unshakable Day
  • ​Guide Book to help make the unconscious conscious
  • ​Dedicated Facebook Group
  • ​Lifetime access

Your Investment $2197

What's Included

  • ​5 Group Coaching Calls via Zoom
  • ​Content & Course Library for Transformation
  • ​Tools/Modalities to heal nervous system
  • ​Morning Guidance for an Unshakable Day
  • ​Guide Book to help make the unconscious conscious
  • ​Dedicated Facebook Group
  • ​Lifetime access

Your Investment $997

"The deepest wounds take the most conscious effort & attention to transform."

About Me...

I'm so grateful you're here! I get emotional when I think about the work I get to do because I know how hard my journey has been & if I can help you make yours easier, that is what I live for! 
I was the woman too shy to say anything. I had no boundaries. I didn't believe people saw me. I had massive blocks. I lived in constant frustration of the world around me not cooperating. I didn't understand why everyone else was doing so well meanwhile I felt like I was being left behind. And I was good. Always following the rules doing what was right according to my faith & religion, but I still couldn't seem to have what I believed were my God given desires.
I knew God intended great things for my life, but I couldn't seem to access it. 
I was constantly afraid of money. 
I was in such lack & scarcity that my money was always running out & I felt sooooo unsupported in life.
I couldn't trust men, I couldn't trust God, I couldn't trust myself. 
My life was a hot mess & I had to turn it all around. 
I turned it around using the modalities I'm going to teach you in this program.
Now I feel so supported by God & others. 
I have an amazing tribe of powerful women who speak LIFE into me on a daily basis. 
I'm happy, supported & I feel like the most blessed amazing girl ever.
These are feelings I didn't know were possible for me.
You may look at me & think I've always had it all. 
No I haven't. Life has been difficult & yet I continue to show up 
& be brave for all that life hands me.

Through out my journey I have found a deep sense of self love & worth. 
I was the most self critical person & held so much judgment.
Not any more! None of that is true for me.

I can confidently say I embody being brave. 
I've learned much on this journey. I've invested a lot into it & me. 
I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can lead you too. 

Thank you for trusting me & joining me & allowing me to help you. 
To pour into you. 
You deserve the world & I'm going to 
show you as best as I can how to get it.
xo Jenn .

I'm Ready to transform! Doors open January 2023!

What's Included

  • 5 One on One Calls: Private Coaching with Me
  • ​​5 Weekly Group Coaching Calls via Zoom
  • ​Content & Course Library of Transformation
  • ​Tools/Modalities to heal nervous system
  • ​Morning Guidance for an Unshakable Day
  • ​Assignments to recode you to an Unshakable Life
  • ​Dedicated Facebook Group
  • ​Lifetime access

Your Investment $2197

What's Included

  • ​5 Group Coaching Calls via Zoom
  • Content & Course Library of Transformation
  • ​Tools/Modalities to heal nervous system
  • ​Morning Guidance for an Unshakable Day
  • ​Assignments to recode you to an Unshakable Life
  • ​Dedicated Facebook Group
  • ​Lifetime access

Your Investment $997

Frequently asked Q's

  • I don't have a lot of time: You have to decide what you want to make time for. Your schedule isn't going to clear itself so that you can transform your life. You have to decide that you're going to make transformation a priority & clear space in your day for your dreams. No one else will do it for you.
  • Is this only for Twin Flames: If you are stuck on the twin flame journey this course is for you.
  • I can't afford it:  Is it that you really can't afford it? Like you have no availability on a card or cards. You don't have the cash. You can't do the payment plan & you just don't see a way? This is when you ask God & believe for it with all your heart. This will be the start of your alchemy, when you desire & know that you are called to this & God makes a way. (I've been where you're at & can completely relate)
  • ​I can afford it but I'm scared. What if I take the leap & I don't change or I don't do the work, or it doesn't work for me. If you show up for the work, just being in the energy of the class & every one else working towards a common goal will help you shift. I'll teach you, I'll help you, but ultimately it is up to you to show up. How bad do you want your desires? If it's bad enough you'll take the leap.
  • Can Men take this? Yep, would be glad to have you.
  • ​Do you offer a refund? No because of the nature of the course & it's delivery I do not offer a refund. I will show up fully for my part. I give a ton of value for your investment in yourself. I take it very seriously.
  • ​Do I always have access to course materials. Yes, the Facebook group will remain open & all calls are recorded
  • ​What if I miss a call? They are recorded & coded so no matter if you are live or watching the replay they are just as potent & effective. 
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