Unshakable You...

activating & integrating the highest version of self & soul
we are reaching new levels of consciousness
we are upgrading
and integrating 

where shadows meet the light.

This is your permission slip to live authentically YOU!

Your willingness to enter this sacred portal is a must.
Your transformation can only happen with your willing participation. 
Are you willing to say yes to yourself?
Are you willing to say yes to your dreams?
You will find yourself inside this container... 

What will Unshakable YOU do for me? 
What results can I expect?

Transmute Fear & Trauma
You'll Cultivate Confidence, Activate Self Worth, & Build Personal Power
I'll teach you tools to move through your deepest fears & biggest triggers
These are the same processes & tools I used to completely turn my financial situation 
around, heal from my TWIN FLAME a narcissist/empath connection, 
& cultivate a love for myself that I never had before..

You'll get absolutely clear on who you are & what you desire.
You'll begin to live each day going in the direction of your dreams 
rather than trying to avoid what you don't want.
You open up your Divine channels of knowing & connection to soul.
Your psychic abilities are turned on & you come up in frequency.
You activate dormant codes inside you.
When this happens you become a magical mystical being where abundance pours in, 
opportunities knock on your door (like partnerships with epic people), 
& your dreams come flooding in.

What is included in UnShakable You?

4 Weekly Group Integration calls to activate your magic, recode your DNA for abundance, partnership & opportunity.
Clear distortions in your field by clearing shadows, which leads to complete transformation
Morning Guidance for an unshakable day that leads to an unshakable life! You'll find peace, a closer connection with God & yourself. 
Assignments designed to specifically break down & recode your emotions & DNA. To help you identify Shadow, alchemize & build that strong masculine foundation.
Dedicated Facebook Group so that you can grow together building beautiful friendships & relationships that transcend time & space. I'll be dropping in for teaching moments & this will be the place for questions & coaching.
Go Up Up Up in Frequency. Clear Karma & Agreements & Beings in your channels to begin to hear YOUR soul. This breaks the co-dependency cycle.

I'm Ready to be free of my shadows & transform! 
Doors open Oct 28th, 2021!

What's included in VIP?

  • Five 1 on 1 Coaching Calls 1 Hour Long
  • 5xWeek Alchemy Healing & Clearing
  • ​4 Weekly Group Zoom Calls
  • ​Morning Guidance for an Unshakable Day
  • ​Assignments to Recode You to an Unshakable Life
  • ​Dedicated Facebook Group Where I'll Be Teaching As Well

What's included in UnShakable?

  • 4 Weekly Group Zoom Calls
  • Morning Guidance for an Unshakable Day
  • Assignments to Recode You to an Unshakable Life
  • ​Dedicated Facebook Group Where I'll Be Teaching As Well
  • ​Weekly Alchemy Clearings & Healings
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"Leave your life open for miracles"

Frequently asked Q's

  • I don't have a lot of time: Not having command of your time is a sign of shadow. As you learn to clear shadow you'll begin to own your time again no matter what your present situation is right now.
  • Is this only for Twin Flames: NO, this is a course on energy mastery. I just happen to help a lot of twin flames because I was stuck on the journey once.
  • I can't afford it: This is also a sign of shadow. Is it that you really can't afford it? Like you have no availability on a card or cards. You don't have the cash. You can't do the payment plan & you just don't see a way? This is when you ask God & believe for it with all your heart. This will be the start of your alchemy, when you desire & know that you are called to this & God makes a way.
  • ​I can afford it but I'm scared. What if I take the leap & I don't change or I don't do the work, or it doesn't work for me. If you show up for the work, just being in the energy of the class & every one else working towards a common goal will help you shift. I'll teach you, I'll help you, but ultimately it is up to you to show up. How bad do you want your desires? If it's bad enough you'll take the leap.
  • Can Men take this? Yep, would be glad to have you.
  • ​Do you offer a refund? No because of the nature of the course & it's delivery I do not offer a refund
  • ​Do I always have access to course materials. Yes, the Facebook group will remain open & all calls are recorded
  • ​What if I miss a call? They are recorded & coded so no matter if you are live or watching the replay they are just as potent & effective. 

What Others are Saying...

About Me...

I love you so much & I'm so grateful you're here! I cry when I think about the work I get to do because I know how hard my journey has been & if I can help you make yours easier, that is what I live for! 
I was the woman too shy to say anything. I had no boundaries. I didn't believe people saw me. I had massive energetic blocks. I lived in constant frustration of the world around me not cooperating. I didn't understand why everyone else was doing so well meanwhile I felt like I was being left behind. 
I knew I was magical, but I couldn't seem to access it or use it. 
I was constantly afraid of money. 
I was in such lack & scarcity that my money was always running out & I felt sooooo unsupported in life.
I couldn't trust men, I couldn't trust God, I couldn't trust myself. 
My life was a hot mess & I had to turn it all around. 
I turned it around using the modalities I'm going to teach you in this program.
Now I'm so abundant, I feel so supported by God & others. 
I have an amazing tribe of powerful goddess women 
who speak LIFE into me on a daily basis. 
My frequency has come up so high & 
I feel like the most blessed amazing girl ever.

These are feelings I didn't know were possible for me.
You may look at me & think I've always had it all. 
No I haven't Life has been difficult & yet I continue to show up 
& be brave for all that life hands me.

Through out my journey I have found a deep sense of self love & worth. 
I was the most self critical person & held so much judgment.
Not any more! None of that is true for me.

I can confidently say I embody the Empowered Feminine. 
I've learned much on this journey. I've invested a lot into it & me. 
I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can lead you too. 

Thank you for trusting me & joining me & allowing me to help you. 
To pour into you beautiful sister.
I love you. I'm grateful for you. 
You deserve the world & I'm going to 
show you as best as I can how to get it.
xo Jenn 

I'm Ready to transform! Doors open Oct 28th, 2021


  •  5 One on One Coaching Calls
  • ​Weekly Alchemy Healing & Clearing
  • ​4 Group Coaching calls via Zoom 
  • ​Morning Guidance for an Unshakable Day
  • ​Assignments to recode you to an Unshakable Life
  • ​Dedicated Facebook Group where I'll be teaching inside of as well.


  • ​4 Group Coaching Calls via Zoom
  • ​Weekly Alchemy Healing & Clearing
  • ​Morning Guidance for an Unshakable Day
  • ​Assignments to recode you to an Unshakable Life
  • ​Dedicated Facebook Group where I'll be teaching inside of as well
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