Are you ready to change this twin flame thing in your life? 
This program may cause miracles...
Yep when you start to change you vibration you'll experience miracles on all levels even if you've never really seen much of them in your life before. Life becomes so exciting, because each day you get to see what cool thing is going to happen next!!
This program will be life transforming and I'll be channeling some amazing stuff for you to grow and break free from the twin flame bondage you now experience. 
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This is for you if...

  •  If you’re truly over the shit, the ups and downs, back & forth, push/pull, running & chasing
  •  You're are so Ready to change your situation and you’ll do anything to change it 
  •  You're ready to Vibe High and become a magnet for miracles.
  •  You’ve said I’m done with this more times than you can count
  •  You’re so over this twin flame journey and it’s pain and struggle
  •  Drop your money struggles…and live as your full abundant true self (YES money struggles and TF separation are related)
  •  You’re so over thinking you’re in a good place only to have something happen that loops you right back in and you realize you’re not done and it’s even worse this time
  •  Tired of trying to piece the puzzle together and it still doesn’t make sense
  •  Want union with your twin flame 
  •  You’re ready for the karmic to fall away effortlessly (yep you have the power here even tho you may not think so, I’ll show you)
  •  You know you’re meant for more than this pain and struggle. You're ready to give it up and trade it in for bliss, pleasure, play & fun!
Physical Harmonious Union with your twin flame exists you’re just not seeing it yet. 
And it’s your job to do what ever it takes to be able to see it. To work through the blocks and barriers to your ultimate soul mate. Why would you ever settle for any thing less?

The twin flame community is full of information, and here’s the bottom line…Harmonious Union with your twin flame is through you soul. It’s the only way. And Sovereign Soul will show you the way.

We’re cut off from our soul, we don’t know how to hear it because of all the debris in the way. We have to take steps to clear out the debris, let go of low vibrational energy and step into our real power. 

When we do that all the petty shit around this twin flame journey falls away and we’re left with our whole happy, loving self. The self that can actually magnetize harmonious union with our twin flame.

You know what other gifts come a long with it…the ability to basically magnetize what ever we want in life. When we learn to let go of all the debris then we become magnetic. We become super attractors because we learn how to see things differently. We realize we already are abundance, and that it’s all around us and that we can have what ever we want. Ah imagine the ease, flow and fun with that! 

We start living with conviction and confidence, and when we do that our purpose can find us because our purpose can trust us to be a vessel to share whatever message we are here to share. Do you feel like you’re here for something more, and you just don’t know what it is? Basically clearing up the debris in the way of your soul will set your life free! 

So you can thank your twin flame for showing up so that you can get to work on your ultimate freedom. 

Now you may be thinking my twin flame is not awesome, I don’t want to be with them. That’s ok. Not healing and pushing away your twin doesn’t magnetize a soul mate either. You can only magnetize what you are a vibrational match to. If you haven’t worked on your vibration to raise it up you cannot get the awesome soul mate either. 

So you’ve still got to heal, and what you’ll learn in this program is how to help your twin heal while you do. You have the ability to do that ya know. Many twins don’t realize this and they miss a huge opportunity!

But really I feel like it’s our obligation to help our twin heal. We are one soul…When we heal they heal. 

When we’re faced with doing the work it can be scary. We’re not sure if we can do the work and actually change. We are afraid of what we might see within ourselves. We let our fear of the unknown stop us. But you guys…If you don’t face your fears nothing will ever change! 

Do you realize it’s the fear vibration between you and your twin, between you and your dreams? This is all connected. It’s not separate. You absolutely can have it all and your life depends on you facing your fears and changing. 

When you change how many other people can you help? When I think about me not changing and going through my growth and ascension I think about all the people that would not be served by me. 

You are a twin flame for the purpose of healing, growth ascension and service. We came here to help this planet ascend to Love or above frequency. I believe we have a moral obligation to heal our wounds and become whole. Our planet depends on it. 
Your life depends on it. 

“A heart led by fear breaks itself” Elle poetry
This program...Sovereign Soul...May Cause Miracles
What's in it...
Week 1
Sovereign Soul Code : What does that even mean? The first week is about opening your soul so you can hear it. We have to do this foundational work first so that the rest of the program just flows. I'll work with you on a group call to heal and open you up and then I'll teach you several techniques you can use at home to help you stay on track. I still use them frequently and they work and they are amazing! Ah there's so much juiciness in this week! You'll also have journal prompts this week, and a guidebook to keep you flowing all week long. 
Week 2
Love Code : Finding true love within. Ok so this one we'll be working through the limiting beliefs and barriers to seeing the love inside. See this is what the Twin Flame triggers and we have a blind spot to. When we bring these to the surface we can witness them and release them. I thought I was through mine till my twin showed up and turned my world upside down. I'll take you through the exact process I went through to get to the other side and find love within.
Week 3 & 4
Prosperity Code : Why would I include this in a twin flame program? What I found on my own journey was that my lack consciousness was a huge contributor to my pain with my twin. It was probably one of the most important things within me that I worked through. I saw lack permeate throughout my entire life, not just money. When that consciousness is present in you it forms as a block to Love, Money, Great opportunities, miracles and magic. It has to go! We'll get rid of it with what I'll teach you. You'll have journal prompts and homework here too. And the coolest thing too is we'll set a goal as to how much money you want to magnetize in the next 4 weeks! You can magnetize the investment for this program before you even complete it. And here's something that's cool where two or more are gathered so is spirit. Here's what I mean when a group of people are together vibing high doing the inner work and there is a container for miracles, they happen! So watch out, you'll become a believer in miracles and know you can manifest whatever you want from now on. We'll begin to exercise that muscle. 
Week 5
Purpose Code : Why are you here? What are you meant to do. We'll get more clear on what your soul is guiding you to do in the world. We are all here for purpose, but when the debris is in the way we can't here the inner guidance leading us, nudging us. Plus we have to build trust with it. So the purpose of this week is to get clearer on that purpose. When you have a purpose and you are serving others it brings you back to wholeness automatically. It's that wholeness that magnetizes your twin flame in. So identifying this is really important. And you may already know yours and in that case we'll focus on magnifying that and making it totally yours. 
Week 6
Bringing it all back to you : Becoming whole, surrendered, releasing, and what unconditional love really is and to stay in that vibration. This week we'll understand exactly what it means to be in harmonious union with ourselves so that harmonious union can take place in the 3D should we choose. This is the most important vibration we can be in for union. This week will tie everything back together. It's ultimately about Love. Oh my gosh it will be so beautiful! I'm excited for you. I have tears in my eyes thinking about it. wow. 
I'll teach you to...
  •  Hear your own soul and how to get in touch with that
  •  Tools you can use even after the program is complete to bring you back to center, to work through any block, barrier or trigger that may show up
  •  How to become a magnet for miracles 
  • Cleared Lack Consciousness and activated Prosperity Codes to invite more of what you want in, including money! 
  •  YOU get to decide if you want Union w/ your TF and there will be a clear path to call it in 
  •  You will have activated direction towards life purpose 
  •  Not caring to ever scroll your TF social media 
  •  Deepest love of self you've ever experienced. Your frequency will shift into much higher vibrations magnetizing what you desire. 
  •  Finally feeling whole again. No more depression, anger, fear, frustration or jealousy 
  •  You'll finally experience the peace you have been searching for 
  •  Not analyzing the life of your TF to try and figure things out & Not caring if there is a 3rd party involved 
  •  Expanded container to receive and know you are worthy of receiving
What I'll ask of you is...
  •  Come unapologetically you
  •  Come to play full out
  •  Come ready to be supported by an amazing loving group who will be there to lift you up and help you on this journey
  •  Be open to expand your current capacity to give and receive 
  •  Get really clear on what you want so you can call it in
  •  Align with your truest desires
  •  Have fun and welcome in ease and flow
What you'll get...
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Call (At least one hour to One 1/2 hours, interactive)
  •  Initial group call to activate DNA, open channels to receive program downloads
  •  Channeled Guided meditations, recorded (A new one each week, clears energy & activates you)
  •  Guide book for each week to help you break down & move through each code
  •  Private FB group where I'll go Live, Answer Questions, & offer massive value
  •  Journal Prompts to help you get clear & create the life you want (One of the biggest transformers for me)
  •  Community support of like minded positive people on the path
About me...
At first I hated the journey and cursed it for it's pain and suffering. Once I came home, I realized it was the biggest gift I've ever been given and I'm beyond grateful for it. 

It's a journey home to your soul. When you are in resonance with your soul you begin to live life from a place of joy, ease, flow, passion, pleasure and play. Life becomes juicy and you become attractive. 

You finally find YOU. And it makes all the pain worth it. I promise. 

I've worked with countless healers and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in myself to be able to come and give back to you all that I've learned. 

Because I've chartered the waters I'm here to guide you. You already have the answers, I'm going to help you uncover them with in you. 

Looking forward to you joining me on this magical ride home. xo Jenn

You can find me on Instagram @soulfittwinflame or Facebook as Jennifer Edwards (Lindeman)
How it works...
  • The Live Group Session Times and Day will be decided upon once everyone is enrolled. I want to make sure every one is accommodated with best time . The first call will be Monday night Feb 4th at 6:30 pm MST
  •  All Channeled meditations for each week will be dropped in the FB group 
  •  All recordings will be dropped in the Facebook Group as well as a Link on my website so that you can access them even after the group is complete
  •  Your Guidebook will drop at the beginning of each week.
  •  There will be 6 salons and each salon will help you with another layer of the process
  •  Journal Prompts will be dropped at the beginning of each week
  •  Men and Women are welcome (We will not discuss things that might be uncomfortable in a mixed group)
  •  No negativity will be tolerated. There is already enough pain on this journey. We are turning this around into something beautiful
  •  Private Facebook Group will be set up closer to the start date of the program
  •  What if I haven't met my twin flame is this still for me? Take this course so that you are prepared for your twin. The separation does not have to happen if you are prepared. One of my good friends was prepared when she met hers & they have not separated. Save yourself lots of heartache and prepare if you know you are calling in your twin.
  •  What if my twin flame and I are in separation? You definitely need this course!
  •  What if my twin flame and I are together but we fight a lot? You or both need this course!
  •  What if I'm not a twin flame but I stumbled across this page & it speaks to me and I want to join, will it benefit me? If your heart says join, then join. I believe in attraction, your soul was asking for this and you didn't find this by accident. 
  •  Why would I buy this I can do it on my own? If you could do it on your own you would be there already. Einsteins quote, "we can not solve our problems w/ the same level of thinking that created them" In order to get to the next level you need a coach. If you are not willing to invest in yourself then the Universe is not willing to meet you. There isn't a single person on the planet that has seen success without an investment in self. 
  •  Can you guarantee union? No one can guarantee union. Union is up to you and your twin flame. What did you contract and are you willing to both show up for each other? You will decide union with your Twin Flame or a Soul Mate
  •  What if I don't like it, do you give refunds? No due to the nature of the course I cannot give refunds. I'll show up at my highest and best and I expect that of you. We'll create transformation that way, but if you're already thinking refund don't sign up because you're not ready for transformation or union with anyone. Transformation is a commitment 
  •  I'm a Guy can I enroll too? Yep men and women welcome
One more thing...
When you get in an environment of like minded people all working to up level and raise their vibration yours cannot help but to raise up too. When you have a leader who has already done it holding a space and container for you then your results are amplified. This is why group programs are so effective. 

There are so many success stories of people participating in group programs getting insane results just by the collective energy generated in the group. We are all here for better. To uplift each other with a common goal. If you want to create transformation and your scared doing it in a group like this will help you so much. 

You'll know you're not alone. You'll know you've got massive support behind you and as I was saying earlier where two or more are gathered so is spirit. It's electric and magnetizing to be a part of a group on the same mission. I look forward to you joining us! 

I'm really freaking honored and excited to serve each one of you that joins! You have no idea how much it lights me up to help you out. My journey has been so hard and to know that I get to give you so much to help yours not be hard is truly a blessing to me!
xo Jenn 
Ok...Program Starts March 4th
Investment in yourself & Twin Flame 
Not enrolling delays union and your own happiness
If you have me
Jenn Edwards Sovereign Soul Copywrite 2019